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Elevate Amazon Listings with A+ and Enhanced Brand Content

Elevate Amazon Listings with A+ and Enhanced Brand Content

Most online searches for products start on Amazon. As the competition among sellers and companies intensifies, Amazon maintains its reputation with enhanced brand content for almost half of the Internet.

To grow your brand, you need to stand out and stay ahead of your competitors. Using interesting descriptions, clear titles, inspiring images, and listing optimization techniques helps, but sometimes, this may not be sufficient. Amazon offers features that help create product descriptions that are both engaging and informational.

To elevate product listings, Amazon offers two primary types of enhanced content. With enhanced brand content (EBC) and A+ enhanced marketing content (A+ EMC), brands can create more engaging and comprehensive product detail pages. Brands or business owners can employ these programs depending on their goals and relationship with Amazon. Basically, A+ enhanced marketing content (EMC) suits vendors, and enhanced brand content (EBC) is for brand-registered sellers.

In this blog, we demystify and give you easy-to-understand information about Amazon A+ content and enhanced brand content.

Amazon A+ Content

Both features contribute to increased sales and higher conversion rates. This can greatly raise your seller ranking and boost traffic by making you more likely to appear in Amazon searches.

The A+ enhanced marketing content program is for Vendor Central merchants, which means that Amazon purchases your products and sells it to their consumers.

By participating in the A+EMC program, you gain an advantage over competitors selling similar products. This feature allows you to incorporate additional pictures, creative sales copy, and charts to attract and convince customers to buy from you.

Amazon offers two types of A+ detail pages: Basic, which allows for five modules, and Premium (or A++), which provides for seven.

Basic A+ Content

All vendors can use the basic version of Amazon A+ content for free. Brands can choose from two options when it comes to the creation of A+ Content. They can either use modules to create content themselves or allow Amazon to do it for them.

Self-Service Modules

Using the self-service module, brands can choose the pricing level. They can begin to build their listings with basic, silver, gold, or platinum options. These features are available in the modules and enable you to develop your listing to showcase your product correctly.

Brands can select from twelve different self-service modules. Follow these steps to create your own:

  • Choose your ASIN and build a project
  • Drag and drop the modules to create your unique layout
  • Add your content
  • Review and add to your cart
  • Place order

Let Amazon Build for You

If creating your own listing sounds like too much effort, you could let Amazon do it for you. In this case, Amazon takes all your information and chooses the layout and design that is suitable for your product.

With ten standard A+ EMC modules and two customizable options, it can make a big difference in the way consumers view and associate with your listing.

Premium A+ Content

Premium A+ content is an invite-only program that is available for big brands and strategic vendors. Compared to Basic A+ content, Premium A+ includes HD videos, high-resolution images, FAQ dropdowns, comparison charts, interactive displays, and much more. Premium A+ Content or A++ Content includes:

  • Up to seven modules
  • 18 premade modules
  • Dynamic, interactive modules
  • 50% larger than basic modules
  • Images, video, hotspots, comparison tables, text, etc.

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Amazon’s enhanced brand content (EBC) is available for third-party sellers that are authorized and registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Just as A+ EMC, enhanced brand content allows the brands to go deeper with your product descriptions for enticing customers. It enables you to tell your brand story, giving consumers a window into who and what you are as a brand.

To create enhanced brand content:

  • Select enhanced brand content from the advertising tab of your dashboard.
  • Pick a template.
  • Add your content to the modules.
  • Submit your content for review.

Amazon takes up to a week to review and publish a brand’s EBC after submission. A brand can have twenty pending submissions at one time.

Currently, Amazon’s enhanced brand content is in a promotional period, so there is no charge for it. However, Amazon may begin charging a fee for EBC soon.

Future Steps

Enhanced brand content, as well as A+ enhanced marketing content, can provide notable benefits to your Amazon listings. Understanding essential differences between the two, you can take important steps to include this content into your Amazon product pages:

  • Understand enhanced content options for your brand by contacting an Amazon representative.
  • Clearly document your goals and KPIs.
  • Set a budget and the required ROI.
  • Decide the ASINs for which enhanced content is needed.
  • Create your layouts.
  • Design your enhanced creatives and copy.
  • Publish content.
  • Measure outcomes and optimize on a regular basis.

Brands and businesses need to find new ways to set themselves apart as Amazon becomes more competitive. They should be able to convey their value to elevate their Amazon listings and, eventually, drive in sales.

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