Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Enhanced Content: Make your products stand out on Walmart

Enhanced Content: Make your products stand out on Walmart

Experiencing unprecedented growth, eCommerce has taken over the world, overshadowing in-store shopping. With more customers shifting to online shopping, the need for accurate and efficient product pages has grown significantly, especially for eCommerce giants like Walmart.

The increasing popularity of Walmart’s Marketplace creates more opportunities for sellers and creates more competition. According to a Feedvisor study, sellers on other platforms are looking to move to a second marketplace, with Walmart being their first choice for expansion.

Looking to beat the competition and catch the eye of your customers?

Enhanced content is the solution.

The content on Walmart offers sellers an edge over the competition by crafting listings that are unique and stand out due to rich media like banners, attractive visuals, comparison charts, interactive product tours, and creating an engaging experience for your customers. It plays a significant role in helping customers understand products better, generating more sales, and boosting conversions.

Walmart – Online Shopping

Understanding enhanced content

Enhanced content allows sellers to connect with customers better and tell the most meaningful story for their product. It goes beyond the essential elements of a product page, comprising videos, comparison charts, and endless abilities to customize with a brand’s assets. It allows sellers to rotate seasonally relevant content, execute digital campaigns, and produce rich media that compels buyers. .

Tulfa Solutions: Enhance Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content – Tulfa Solutions

Why choose enhanced content?

  • Engage with your customers

Walmart’s expanding marketplace has provided customers with unlimited options to choose from. Whereas, sellers have limited time to capture customer’s attention and convince them to buy their product by conveying the ‘why’ behind their product

New-age customers make the first impression of a product by its content. Incorporating visuals with text leads to 94% more views. Customizing content with images results in 7x the conversion rate.

Visual content acts as your digital canvas and serves shoppers with the valuable content they’re looking for in an easily accessible format.

  • Boost conversion rates

Enhanced content strategies improve conversions anywhere from 3% to 10% while increasing sales by 5%. Sharing engaging content on your listing draws customers in and keeps them engaged. Search Engine Optimization can be entirely leveraged with the help of enhanced content, impacting your position on search engine page results and increasing your reach to more customers. Enhanced content helps decrease bounce rates, keeping your customers engaged and increasing conversion rates.

Stats for Enhanced Brand Content

Accelerate your growth!

Your product page content’s quality can drastically affect your business’s growth. Getting your customers to shell out money to purchase your product is most definitely a challenging task, but engaging product content eases it.   

Take up the eCommerce world’s challenges and emerge victorious with Tulfa’s services. Tulfa is a leading e-content company easing the way for brands and retailers with superior customer service and guaranteed results.   

Want to tell your brand story through enhanced brand content? 

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