Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Explore Imagery: Set Your Brand Apart with 360-degree Photography

Explore Imagery: Set Your Brand Apart with 360-degree Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. With eCommerce competition tightening, adding visual elements through 360-degree photography are brands retailers’ best bet to increase engagement, conversion rates, and retain customers.  

The new-age customers have created an increasing demand for high-quality product images. According to the Food Marketing Institute, 75% of online shoppers will switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information. 

Improving comprehension of strong information imagery helps explain concepts more quickly than text content. Visual content, including photos, charts, illustrations, icons, animation, and videos, can assist customers in decision-making. The human brain’s image processing power is 60,000 times faster than text, making visual content and imagery more effective. 

Tips to help you leverage imagery to boost your business: 
  1. 360-Degree Imagery: Prioritize User Experience, for a Competitive Advantage 

Building a trustworthy, authentic user experience helps give an edge over competitors. Picking up products on a shelf has to be the same as what you can do online.   

360-degree photography gives online shoppers the freedom to interact with products like they were making purchases in person. It generates an immersive, engaging experience while providing the customers the confidence that they are making the right choice. 

  1. Future Proof Your Business 

The pandemic struck the world and accelerated the digitalization process massively. Only those businesses could tackle the changing business environments who stayed prepared for the future.  

There is an insatiable need for product content throughout companies to fuel different customer-facing experiences. Empower your eCommerce and digital shelf with high-end visuals and imagery. Tulfa’s accessible and affordable 360-degree photography and spin image capture process will help maximize your investment and prepare you for the future. 

  1. Choose Professionals for the Job 

Image capturing is a deceptively simple process that requires proper equipment, setup, and a professional look. Product images must also adhere to GS1 guidelines for retail goods. 

Taking the shopper’s mindset when producing product imagery is a must to maximize its effectiveness. Customers need to know what products look like inside, their measurements, and their applicability in everyday life. 

Professionals like Tulfa ease the file organization process for its clients. There are specific processes dedicated to naming files, maintaining correct formats, and ensuring a smooth workflow to minimize errors and save time. Proper attention to detail needs to meet the standards of both GS1 and clients.  

The real work for quality content starts in the editing room. A separate post-production team of professionals handles color correction, clipping paths, specific backgrounds, and other edits for creating high-end imagery products.  

 Advanced imagery techniques create a bridge between retailers, brands, and customers. With the help of various product photography techniques like 360-degree photography and spin photography, brands can convey a unique brand story while making the customer realize the need for the product. Exploring imagery and experimenting with product photography will make your products stand out while retaining customers through an impeccable customer experience. 

Explore with Tulfa  

The world of visuals and imagery is extraordinarily vast and complex. It is the most effective method to connect with customers and advance your business. Tulfa stands out as a content agency for enhancing product listings using its personalized services. We prioritize quality and provide affordable, high-end services at our clients’ convenience.   

We make it easy; you can send your products to our studio or request our on-site services to scale your in-house team’s efforts. From cars to nuts, shoes, power tools, to frozen food items, our team has all the talent and equipment to capture your product details quickly and efficiently.  

Also, if the shipping cost of your products outweighs the cost for photography or you are experiencing supply chain bottlenecks, we have the perfect solution for you: 3D Rendered Product Imagery. It is the most efficient way of generating high-quality product images with unbeatable delivery time. 

So, are you ready to set your brand apart to increase sales and conversion?  

Contact us today to learn more! 

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