Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Gucci Releases First Virtual Sneakers using Augmented Reality

Gucci Releases First Virtual Sneakers using Augmented Reality

The future is here. Augmented reality is establishing a thriving presence in the universal market. AR has been proven as an effective business tool from time to time. Living in a world where brands are striving to create an immersive experience, Gucci has designed its first digital-only sneakers that people can try on using augmented reality and even be photographed in them.  According to a report, “In 2020, as many as 32% of users have used AR for shopping.” 

 Gucci: Virtual 25 

The Gucci Virtual 25, named after designer Alessandro Michele’s favourite number, is a low-top, high-top hybrid with a fluorescent, highlighter green upper.  

By integrating augmented reality, Gucci makes trying on shoes as easy as using an Instagram filter. Revamping the traditional design of the laces, Gucci has embodied its iconic logo on the lace dial as well as the heavy knit sole of the shoe.   

The alluring Virtual 25s cost roughly around 9$ to 12$, and can be purchased from Gucci’s mobile app. 

Successfully collaborating with Wanna Fashion, Gucci has launched the AR version of its entire real-life sneaker collection. With the launching of Virtual 25, the luxury fashion brand has designed a sneaker that exists only in the digital world.    

Wanna Co-Founder and CEO, Sergey Arkhangelskiy stated: ”In five or maybe 10 years, a relatively big chunk of fashion brands revenue will come from digital products,”  

AR Gaming 

Realizing the necessity of giving an immersive experience for users all over the world, Gucci has been collaborating their existing designs as virtual wearables not only for fashion but for online gaming characters.  

Gucci’s AR-centric craze does not stop with the immersive shoes from its app. Going the extra mile, the buyers can get their hands on the downloadable version of the shoe. The immersive sneakers can be worn by game avatars on virtual reality social platforms such as VRChat and the online game Roblox. 

Owning Virtual Items 

Being virtual items that cannot be re-sold, no ownership certificate applies to digital fashion products. Unlike any digital artwork; these virtual items are not linked to any non-fungible tokens.   

One can compare this digital purchase with buying music tracks on iTunes.   

Adding AR/VR To Your Business

Along with Gucci, there are several brands setting foot in the digital-only fashion industry. Brands like Zara, Converse, Buffalo London, etc. Have realized the significance of AR and are operating with AR-related companies in unison.

AR is considered one of the best tools for upselling any e-commerce platform. Brands ranging from automotive to retail have jumped on board to offer high-quality, interactive 3D experience to their audience. Augmented reality helps you connect with your consumers in engaging and authentic ways, providing a new kind of enhanced utility and ultimately driving brand love. In these trying times, it is very important to find more optimum, affordable, and convenient ways to adapt to the trend-setting digital revolutions. Now is your chance to collaborate with Tulfa. Shoot us an email or reach out to us on social media. It’s the right time to get back into the game and grow together.

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