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Heineken Launches the First Virtual Beer into Metaverse

Heineken Launches the First Virtual Beer into Metaverse

Bringing a frosty cold one into the virtual reality world, Heineken has replaced yeast with pixels to brew their first virtual beer within the immersive digital platform. For decades, the brand has been known for its uncompromising, refined beer quality. Heineken has taken a giant leap into the metaverse with its new, finest, 100% beer-free computer-generated beer named Heineken Silver. \

“World’s First Virtual Brewery is Here” 

Launch of Heineken Silver
What is a Virtual Beer? 

As the Global Head of Heineken said, “Our new virtual beer is an ironic joke.” The brand introduced it to remind everyone that nothing beats the taste of refreshing, chilled beer. It came out as an idea to joke about the brands stepping into the metaverse with virtual product models of things we enjoy in the real world.

First Virtual Beer Brewery
The Design of Metaverse’s Heineken Silver 

Heineken has partnered with a self-taught Spanish street artist, J. Demsky. Demsky said he was thrilled to be a part of this exciting and one-of-a-kind launch that brings the brand and virtual Heineken Silver to life. He was very impressed with the artistic interpretation of what a virtual drink could taste like and said it fitted him perfectly with who he was and the art he liked to create. 

Heineken’s Metaverse
How the Virtual Reality Market is Changing the Face of Ecommerce? 

It is time for brands to step into the virtual and augmented reality world to strengthen their novel branding campaigns. Not only the market but the eCommerce industry is taking all the benefits of introducing 3D and virtual models for their customers to experience their products in real-time.  According to Allied Market Research, the AR and VR market size was valued at $14.84 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $454.73 billion by 2030. 

First Virtual Beer
“Try Before You Buy”  

With unique, detailed, scalable models of products, shoppers can now use augmented reality models and try the product by putting it into real-world surroundings. Also, these models encourage the customer’s confidence with good details for an informed purchase to reduce the chances of returns. 

How Virtual Reality Market Can Increase Your Sales? 

Throughout the pandemic, the virtual market changed the market trends. New consumer habits require engaging and immersive visuals to provide an in-store experience to the shoppers from the comfort of their homes. This is the right time to embrace technologies like 3D, VR, and AR that can give your brand an edge over your competitors.   

We, at Tulfa, help businesses integrate an immersive space for brands to provide an outstanding customer experience. Contact us today to revolutionize your website through interactive 3D models. 

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