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How to Build Customer Loyalty: Use These Personalized Tactics!

How to Build Customer Loyalty: Use These Personalized Tactics!

Customer loyalty is easily defined but not easily obtained. Like any other relationship, businesses must earn loyalty from their customers before they can increase it. However, this is easier said than done. While the products your business sells go a long way in creating repeat customers, the little things add up. Just as poor customer service can steer people away from a good product, the opposite can do wonders for strengthening your brand.

As the holiday season approaches, there is no better time to focus on increasing customer loyalty. With common shopping issues only made worse by the current pandemic, there is great opportunity to get ahead of the competition. If your business provides a good shopping experience this year, it is sure to get people returning next year.

Here are three ways to increase your customers’ loyalty and keep them coming back.

Customer Loyalty
Utilize Personalized Support

As previously stated, customer service can either make or break customer loyalty. To ensure a positive experience, think about what you would want when buying a product. Hopefully your shopping experience is as smooth as possible, but if not, you would want someone who actively listens and solves your problems.

90% of consumers expect an online portal for customer service.

Assemble a team of customer service representatives to do just that. 24/7 live chat support is not required, but make sure your team operates during normal business hours over phone or email. For customers who are unable to get in touch, give them a timeframe for when they can expect a response.

More than anything, it’s important to utilize customer feedback to improve your business. There’s nothing worse than a business that refuses to acknowledge its mistakes. Longterm bad business practices are reflected in customer reviews and lower a brand’s customer loyalty.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Utilize Pack-In Incentives and Gifts

Including extras packed in with larger shipments is not a new or novel idea—businesses have used this tried-and-true tactic for decades to build customer loyalty. To dissuade any misconception, this gesture does not have to cost a lot of extra money.

While extra products like screen protectors included with phone cases or lens cleaner included with glasses are great, smaller inclusions like brand stickers can also be effective. Another great bonus can be a coupon for a future order, which further incentivizes customers to shop with you again.

Lastly, thank-you notes, especially hand-written ones, go a long way in making customers feel like your business cares and can build customer loyalty.

Feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason customers switch away from products and services.

Increase customer loyalty
Increase customer loyalty
Utilize Brand Videos

To build customer loyalty, they must feel connected to your brand. No marketing tool is better for that than video. If utilized correctly, it can stimulate viewers at visual, auditory and emotional levels. Has any movie ever made you cry, laugh or feel inspired? The same thing can be done with marketing videos, albeit to a lesser extent.

More information about your products can never be a bad thing, and videos do just that. Use them to create tutorials, assembly guides or tell compelling brand stories. This makes customers feel more connected to your products and increases their brand loyalty.

In 2019, video was the #1 form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics.

Other than marketing, there are several ways to connect to customers using videos. Even better than the previously mentioned phone, email and chat support, video support can provide the greatest customer experience. If your business does not have the resources for video support, a personalized video sent to customers after solving their problems can be just as effective.

Customer loyalty as the long-term goal

Customer loyalty is hard-fought and hard-earned. It doesn’t magically appear overnight and is instead a long-term achievement. However, there are ways to make it easier for your business. Personalized customer support, pack-in gifts and brand videos are effective ways to connect customers to your brand and increase their loyalty.

While the path to customer loyalty is a long one, there is no better time to start than now. The impending holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to make a positive impression on customers. If you can win them over now, the busiest season of the world’s most difficult year in a century, you can win them over anytime.

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