Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Improving Online Furniture Sales with Augmented Reality

Improving Online Furniture Sales with Augmented Reality

The furniture industry is growing in popularity as Augmented Reality becomes more prominent. According to research, customers use augmented reality to purchase furniture more than any other industry. When designing your house, AR has the ability to save you many trips to the furniture store. You also get to enjoy the convenience of designing your furniture from the comfort of your own home, even before you purchase it. 

As the furniture industry trends towards a digital-first approach, it is clear that furniture giants like IKEA are taking the lead. In 2017, IKEA released its proprietary AR software, IKEA Place, which allows customers to accurately place furniture from their catalogue into their home with 98% accuracy. Customers can now check if the furniture pieces they want to purchase will fit their living space before making the trip to the nearest IKEA store. In comparison to other furniture giants, IKEA is far from the only company taking advantage of AR. Companies such as Wayfair, Houzz, Target and even Amazon have followed suit 

Yet, many people are still hesitant about buying items such as furniture online. They find it is difficult to imagine what a dining room table will look like in real life. However, with augmented reality (AR) and 3D models – you can bring the in-store experience to online buying. 

IKEA Place, an augmented reality furniture visualization it gives you the opportunity to visualize how the furniture will appear. The app allows customers to virtually “test out” furniture using AR before purchasing. It does away with the inconvenience of returning a large or bulky item, such as a dining room table. Using 3D models and AR can help bring the in-store experience to online buying. 

The future of 3D modelling is now!  

3D representations of products have the power to create a more meaningful connection between brands and their customers. 3D modelling is effective in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. 82% of customers activate a 3D view of a product when it’s available and 95% of consumers prefer 3D representation to video playback. 

Take your furniture showroom to prospective customers’ homes with AR 

No more guesswork! Visualize how the new furniture will fit into your home. Experience the immersive capabilities of AR. Shoppers can get a better understanding of your future home. They can be more confident in their decision to buy, and this will result in significant reduction in product returns. 

AR showrooms – the future of how people shop for furniture 

An article on how IKEA is changing their showrooms to create a sense of importance and inspiration for their customers. IKEA is one of the most successful companies in terms of upselling and it’s all because of the showrooms. People visit showrooms not just to buy furniture, but also to get some inspiration. 

MADE is all set to be the first in the United States to debut a new type of augmented reality, or AR, filter for Instagram. This new feature is called, “The Portal.” Once the feature is turned on, you can step through the portal, and be placed inside a furnished apartment. This feature is great for customers who cannot physically visit the MADE store in person, but would like to see the furniture in person. Additionally, potential customers can use the “selfie mode” to virtually explore the apartment and experience the surroundings before making a final decision. 

The AR showroom campaign created for is nothing short of stunning. AR is becoming an integral part of our shopping culture. It is amazing that we are able to tap into that and bring it to our users’ fingertips.  

That said, the prospect of buying a chair can be an exhausting experience, especially if you’re looking to redecorate an entire room. That’s why augmented reality is so crucial in the furniture industry. It’s a bit like having a virtual designer sitting right in front of you, letting you see every piece of furniture in a room, as well as the room itself. It’s simply a no-brainer. 

Reach even more people, build even stronger relationships  

The furniture industry is one of the first to adopt AR using the latest in technology, but still is not quite mainstream. However, with the growth of ecommerce and the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, this will change in the near future. The best way to be ready when that happens is to get a head start and get yourself noticed. 

Introducing Augmented Reality into the furniture buying process is a bold move and we’re sure that it’s the future. With the technology, sellers can bring their products to a larger audience, regardless of the customer’s location. This is especially useful for large brands that have no physical stores or for sellers that offer expensive furniture. 

AR experiences are the way of the future, and if a store offers an AR experience, their customers will be more likely to come back over and over again. 

Augmented Reality App for Furniture Shopping Platforms
Start experiencing augmented reality and 3D furniture today! 

In a day and age when consumers are shopping more and more online, it is vital that businesses take advantage of every opportunity they can to stand out in the crowd. Now is the perfect time to experiment with 3D modelling and augmented reality furniture. Augmented reality and 3D modelling are two of the newest and most exciting ways to connect with your customers on a personal level, and the IKEA Place app is just one example of how companies are leveraging the technology to great success. 

Interested in learning more about augmented reality furniture? 

We can help you get started with augmented reality. Our furniture designers and developers will help you get started with your project and bring it to life. Get in touch with us today to talk about augmented reality furniture. 

Our Tulfa augmented reality visualisation campaigns are a great success! 

What’s more, with augmented reality (AR) apps, such as the one created by Tulfa Studios, customers can superimpose lifesize 3D furniture models into any area in their home. They can also change the item’s colour, take a photo, watch a video, and shop — all through their mobile phone. 

This allows the client to:  

  • View products from different angles 
  • Experiment with different colors, styles, and patterns 
  • Check whether a product will fit in the space without needing to use a measuring tape 
  • Move the object in different corners of the room 
The virtual reality shopping experience is here 

Tulfa’s AR creations for the clients has been a complete success. We have the best experts and the right tools. Right from the beginning, we started with innovative ideas and worked with concerted efforts to implement them. Our augmented reality creations are creating a buzz in the industry and have received positive feedback from our clients and users. 

Adapt to a more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient ways to be part of the trend-setting digital revolution in ecommerce. It is time to collaborate with Tulfa. Send us an email or connect with us on social media. 

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