Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Introducing Spacetop: The World’s First Augmented Reality Laptop

Introducing Spacetop: The World’s First Augmented Reality Laptop

We are excited about everything in Augmented Reality. On May 18th 2023, Spacetop™, the World’s First Augmented Reality (AR) Laptop, was unveiled by Sightful™ after an extensive three-year development period. Assembled by a team of over 60 spatial computing specialists, including seasoned professionals from Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap, Spacetop signifies a significant advancement in personal computing, introducing Augmented Reality seamlessly into users’ everyday lives. Through specialized hardware and an exclusive spatial environment, Spacetop utilizes AR technology to eliminate the limitations of conventional laptops. The outcome is an unprecedented product that enables users to carry a vast, private, virtual workspace tailored and personalized by the user themselves, encouraging creativity and productivity, regardless of their location. All of this is achieved within a familiar laptop form factor, providing a user-friendly experience.

“Two worlds sit at a crossroads: Laptops are the centerpiece of our daily working lives, but the technology has not evolved with the modern, work from anywhere, privacy matters, ‘road warrior’ mentality. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality is full of potential and promise, but is yet to find its daily use case,” said Tamir Berliner, CEO and co-founder of Sightful. “We are at the perfect moment for a significant paradigm shift in a device we all know and love, and Spacetop Early Access is the first step in that journey.”

Spacetop Augmented Reality Screen empowers high productivity

Unleash your productivity with Spacetop’s augmented reality workstation

Spacetop harnesses the power of Augmented Reality to create a portable home office experience, catering to the needs of the “work from anywhere” movement. With a virtual canvas exceeding 100 inches, Spacetop empowers users to design their ideal working environment, free from clutter and arranged in a manner that optimizes their focus and productivity. Unlike the limitations imposed by conventional 13 to 16-inch screens, which often result in a multitude of open tabs, buried applications, and constant window switching, Spacetop offers users an unparalleled ability to concentrate. They can effortlessly view and access their essential applications, seamlessly overlaid onto the real world, all while remaining fully present in their physical surroundings.

Compact in Appearance, Incredible in Performance

The outcome is an immersive experience that offers:

Intuitive Augmented Reality: Spacetop seamlessly integrates Augmented Reality into a laptop-like interface, providing users with a familiar yet significantly enhanced AR experience. There are no complex gesture controls to master, and no need for awkwardly integrating external hardware or software with non-AR devices.
Unrestricted Digital Workspace: Spacetop empowers users to carry a digital workspace as extensive as they require, resembling a multi-monitor setup. Whether they are working from the comfort of their couch, enjoying breakfast at a local cafe, or squeezed into an airplane seat during a cross-country flight, users can create their ideal workspace without limitations.

Privacy-Driven Design: With Spacetop’s Canvas, the work environment, and the user’s work itself remain completely invisible to those not using the device. Gone are the days of prying eyes from curious neighbors or the need for privacy screen filters.
Sightful has secured an impressive $61 million USD in funding from renowned global investors such as Aleph, Corner Ventures, and other notable backers.

Spacetop combines the best of personal computing and augmented reality

“To date, every other company’s approach to Augmented Reality has, ironically, been completely removed from reality,” said Eden Shochat, Equal Partner at Aleph. “Sightful focused on an immediate utility which advances human productivity, a personal passion of mine; rather than trying to convince the world that we need to live in a metaverse or create an entirely new way of working, they focused on building a product people can use now. This is the right approach, at the right moment, with the right team charting a new path for an everyday device, similar to the iPhone or Roadster before them.”

The Spacetop hardware merges the expertise of two prominent entities in the fields of personal computing and augmented reality, namely Wistron and NReal. By combining customized NReal glasses with the exclusive Spacetop environment, users gain seamless access to their essential web applications through augmented reality windows that appear with remarkable clarity and high resolution, seamlessly overlaid onto the physical world. Whether engaged in a Zoom call, working on Google Docs, reviewing a Figma design, or browsing the web, the Spacetop environment provides a tangible and immersive experience, allowing users to effortlessly interact with individuals in their immediate surroundings.

Large Scale Canvas Size for Increased Visibility

Be at the forefront of the next era of personal computing

“Our company infrastructure dedicated to R&D and innovation thrives on world-changing ideas,” said Ray Wah, Chief of Product and Strategy at Wistron. “The Spacetop Early Access program launching today will reach some of the most influential early adopters in the world and, as Spacetop expands, they can leverage our global manufacturing leadership to achieve the scale they need to usher in this new era of personal computing. We are always looking forward to be a part of such a major shift in an established market but, just like Spacetop, Wistron is passionate about pushing the boundaries for breakthrough experiences.”

Through the collaboration with Wistron, Sightful gains access to the expertise and extensive capabilities of one of the world’s premier manufacturers of laptop hardware, significantly bolstering their mission. Wistron, a renowned global technology service provider, excels in delivering a wide range of ICT (information and communication technology) products. Their robust research and development infrastructure, combined with their wealth of experience in product development, has played a pivotal role in the advancement of Spacetop.

Sightful unveils Spacetop™, the World's First Augmented Reality (AR) Laptop, representing a major leap in personal computing.
Portability Redefined: Work from Anywhere in the World

Elevate your brand’s customer journey with Tulfa’s immersive augmented reality solutions

Tulfa specializes in offering augmented reality services specifically tailored for eCommerce retailers. Our cutting-edge technology enhances the shopping experience by providing customers with virtual representations of products that can be interacted with in a highly realistic manner. With Tulfa’s seamless services, retailers can effortlessly incorporate this transformative technology into their business, delivering unforgettable experiences to their customers.

By leveraging Tulfa‘s augmented reality services, retailers can create immersive 3D product experiences that captivate and retain customers. The ability to provide virtual representations of products allows customers to engage with them in ways previously unimaginable. This fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the products, significantly increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation, Tulfa, based in Chicago, United States, is equipped to help you seamlessly integrate augmented reality into your customer journey. By doing so, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and offer your customers a truly unique and unforgettable shopping experience.

To learn more about how Tulfa’s augmented reality services can revitalize your brand’s customer journey, reach out to us today at

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