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Introducing Walmart’s virtual try-on technology: Be Your Own Model

Introducing Walmart’s virtual try-on technology: Be Your Own Model

As a leading retailer of apparel and accessories, Walmart is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Walmart’s virtual try-on technology allows you to view yourself in the clothing you wish to buy, ensuring that they are the right style and fit for you. This ground-breaking technology allows you to see yourself in the style and fit you want. This guarantees that you’ll find the perfect outfit every time. Put on those clothes, be the model for the clothes you want to buy, and you’ll be confident that you’ll find the perfect outfit every time. Virtual try-on technology is more customer-friendly than traditional 3D modeling. It also helps businesses reduce the amount of inventory storage space needed.

With millions of merchandises, millions of customers, and millions of measurements, it is not surprising that they may cross paths with a few shoppers who could not find their match. This is due to the fact
that the size procedure is frequently insufficiently flexible, especially for specific body shapes. Hence, Walmart is now presenting “Be Your Own Model” in place of choosing one of the fashion models. Customers may utilize their own images using this technology to see how clothing will fit them.

Tech-enabled shopping made easy

In 2021, e-commerce giant Walmart acquired Zeekit, a company with a bold vision: to try on clothes before we buy them. As part of the acquisition, Walmart acquired Zeekit’s virtual try-on technology. This technology leverages computer vision and neural networks to place virtual 3D models of products on top of real-life images of people. In addition, the feature can showcase virtual try-ons of each product. Shoppers can virtually add different colors and textures to the product images and see how they would look on them.

Walmart is now offering virtual try-ons for thousands of products, with models ranging in size from XS to XXXL and in height from 5’2″ to 6’0″. This service is currently available on more than 270,000 products from Walmart’s own brands. They include Love & Sports, Sofia Active by Sofia Vergara, Time & Tru, ELOQUII Elements, Athletic Works, No Boundaries, Terra & Sky, Avia, and The Pioneer Woman as well as from national brands like Champion, Levi’s, and Hanes.

Walmart is continuing to expand its virtual try-on feature to more products and brands. The feature is now available on over 100 models, ranging in size and height. This makes it easier for customers to find the right fit for them without having to leave their homes.

No more getting misled by apparel sizes

Walmart’s mobile app and website will soon let customers use their own images to create a more personalized shopping experience. The Walmart app for iOS users will get this option first, followed by the web and Android users.

To use the Walmart iOS app’s virtual try-on feature, customers will need to take a picture of themselves. Once they have done so, they will be able to see how any compatible clothing items look on them. If the user is logged in, the photo will be saved to their account for future use, but they can delete it at any time.

The company is confident that this type of technology will significantly increase conversions and decrease returns.

“Choose My Model” feature makes a world of difference

Walmart naturally raised the number of models from 50 to 120 and has continued to do so due to the success of “Be Your Own Model” feature. This has also resulted in a higher conversion rate.

While Walmart is aware that not everyone will want to utilize themselves as a fashion model, the company’s long-term goal is to get more customers to buy products online or even in-store without visiting the changing rooms.

With its innovative virtual try-on option, the shop is sure to keep shoppers interested and converting. Customers will be able to view how an item appears on them before they make a purchase thanks to this revolutionary technology. This new and innovative form of gamification of the shopping experience has never been seen before. Our prediction for the future of shopping is this.

Walmart is excited to announce that its “Be Your Own Model” feature will now be available to more people. This feature allows users to take a picture of themselves and see how they would look wearing different clothes from Walmart. The app also includes brand integrations, so users can see how they would look wearing different brands of clothing.

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