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Is there a perfect recipe for a work-life balance for working parents?

Is there a perfect recipe for a work-life balance for working parents?

With almost 43% of employees claiming to be a working parent juggling the traditional “work-life balance”, are today’s working parents finding it easy or even more difficult?

The perfect recipe for a work-life balance for working parents is not as black and white as it seems. Working parents have to handle multiple different strings at once because at the end of the day you want your career and your family to flourish.

So then what is the secret? How do working parents make it happen?

Let’s welcome Kopal Shukla, wife and mother of two, and Tulfa’s Associate Human Resource Business Partner, who has been strategizing and handling Tulfa’s H.R. operations for the last 2.5 years.

work-life balance

Recognition for being a working parent

Kopal: Tulfa’s policy has been a major contributor to helping me manage my familial life and my work-life balance. From flexible company policies to being surrounded by understanding colleagues, I feel inspired and empowered to be a part of this organization while taking out quality time for my family.

I consider it as a great space to work with because it embodies how employee dedication and corporate success are a by-product of respecting employees’ personal lives and allowing space for empathy.

Revolutionizing Work and Work Cultures

Kopal: I have been working at Tulfa for 2.5 years and every step of my way I have only received support, empathy, and constructive guidance. As the Associate HR Business Partner, I handle department setup, employee recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, policy implantation, and employee benefits and retention. I am currently focusing on digitizing services at Tulfa along with promoting smoother systems for employee grievance, payroll administration, and training and developments.

With the support of the immensely talented workforce behind Tulfa, I have the chance to mold the experience, training, and performance of employees in an unrestrained way.

work-life balance

How does Tulfa support you

Kopal: Managing my responsibilities and duties is certainly not an easy feat alongside managing my family. While I put my best foot forward at work, I also wish to bring my best foot back at home.

The recipe for the right work-life balance for me includes clear communication and priority-based planning. Whenever I need a flexible work schedule, I openly communicate it to my team because at the end of the day, we’re all humans. As surprising as this may come to certain people – “your seniors and juniors are only human.” And so I have always moved forward with the idea that my work schedule must be flexible enough to accommodate productive and intriguing time at work and leave me with energy to spend quality time with my family.

Tulfa’s work culture is characterized by support, growth, and empowerment. From flexible working hours to special policies to help me manage my family and work, to equip me with a dedicated team, workplace support is a critical factor to maintaining the work-life balance.

working parents

Tips for other working parents out there

Kopal: Having your priorities set right is the only way to carry out work responsibilities effectively and spend family time happily. I personally try to list out my priority tasks and then plan them throughout my day as clearly as possible.

I believe that to maintain my sanity as a working parent, the ‘f’ word – ‘flexibility’ is important from the company’s end and responsible development is important from my end.

Discover your work-life balance mix by transforming the world and being home for evening movies and play-time, every day! Get your perfect fit, join the Tulfa team.

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