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Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Kate Spade New York: AR InStore Immersive Activation for Summer ’21 collection.

Kate Spade New York: AR InStore Immersive Activation for Summer ’21 collection.

Kate Spade New York is constantly looking for innovative and authentic ways to surprise and delight its customers. In recent years, it has included a focus on technological advancements that can enhance their in-store experience. To promote the launch of its Summer’ 21 Collection, the creative team decided to engage Tulfa to create a powerful, immersive, touchless augmented reality experience.

The Kate Spade team wanted an AR experience for consumers aimed at blending fashion, tech, and media — a move that appears designed to both drive engagement and create a refreshing experience for its customers.

Aligning the ideation process with Kate Spade’s Summer’ 21 collection, Tulfa created an experience for the customers which brought forward the best AR had to offer. Using a QR Code, the users could experience bees buzzing and interacting through their phones. The live-action bees AR feature enhanced Kate Spade’s season store window and created an immersive experience, which blended seamlessly with their Summer theme.

The summer inspired clothing range and interactive bees created an engaging and delightful experience not only for Kate Spade customers but also for people walking by.

Client testimonial:

In July 2021, Tulfa got a chance to meet the Kate Spade creative team in New York.

The brand’s team was pleased with Tulfa’s work and appreciated the quality of service Tulfa offers its clients.

“Working with Tulfa was a great experience that truly enhanced our seasonal window creative. They were able to transform conceptual ideas from a 2D file into a VR reality that had a great impact. Both customers and employees were amazed at the technology and it helped tell our brand story in a fresh way. We look forward to continuing to using their innovation to bring our imagination to life.”

Caitlin Mcconnell
Sr. Manager, Global Visual Production
Kate Spade New York

Tulfa introduced Kate Spade’s team to the limitless world of AR. From virtual try ons to virtual selfie mirrors, the opportunities with augmented reality are endless. The team wanted to explore the services and features Tulfa offered and wanted to soon apply more AR-integrated immersive and emotive experiences for their customers.

User Experience:

Tulfa’s AR feature was tailor-made to suit both the venue and the audience. With the easy-to-operate touchscreen scan interface, we brought live-action bees to Kate Spade customers!

It gave customers an opportunity to simply scan and experience what refreshing summer feels like, standing in the middle of a city. The customers and people walking by were thrilled with the experience; it was truly one-of-a-kind.

The AR integrated experience increased the store’s footfall for the launch by multiple folds. Several Kate Spade customers shared their experiences with the store staff and they were truly amazed. They mentioned that the experience was so life-like that they could hear the bees buzzing and could feel them in their surroundings. Customers agreed that they felt more connected to the products and the brands collection now.

Walker-bys stopped, scanned the code and enjoyed what the AR experience had to offer. Several customers explicitly entered the store to talk about their experience with Kate Spade’s AR enabled display window.

This truly was a delightful and mind-blowing experience for users.

Keeping in mind the deeper value that AR offers us, and by taking risks, brands can already reach new depths of interactive storytelling — right now.

An extremely important marketing tactic is to connect with your customers as closely as you can, and Kate Spade did. With the world going digital, it is easier to connect with customers through AR experiences. E-commerce wars now can only be won by creating a unique, fresh way to connect and convey your brand story, with your customers.

It’s game-on! Moving forward, brands will need to level up the physical fashion landscape and meet the consumer of tomorrow where they are today! Alter and customize your services in accordance with your needs and target audience with Tulfa. As a leading, e-content company, we are best known for quality content, customer service, and rapid project completion.

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