Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Selling in the Metaverse: The Breakthrough eCommerce Space 

Selling in the Metaverse: The Breakthrough eCommerce Space 

The Metaverse is growing at an exponential rate, rapidly becoming the next digital frontier that everyone wants to explore. It is a network of 3-D virtual worlds in which individuals can interact and engage in commerce. They can also indulge in multiplayer gaming, explore simulated realms and form social connections using their virtual avatars. It is a blend of varied technologies like virtual reality platforms, gaming, machine learning, blockchain, 3-D graphics, digital currencies, sensors, VR-enabled headgear and more.  

The Metaverse is a popular location for ambitious businesses looking to expand and become more successful. To achieve this, business will have to bolster their capabilities with augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality tools.  

The Game Changer   

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has popularized the concept of the Metaverse with the rebranding of the social network Facebook to “Meta”. The Metaverse will integrate many other developments like Cryptocurrency, 5G connectivity, Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence and more.   

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, is leading the way in making online gaming an immersive experience with Oculus Quest 2. It has shipped 4.6 million units in quarter 1 of 2021 alone. This is a testament to the popularity of the metaverse in the real world.   

In the coming future Metaverse will become a necessity to attract consumers with digital assets and immersive marketing experiences. As the world blends into this Metaverse, brands will fight for the mind space of the consumers in this eCommerce-integrated realm.   

Four tips for brands to succeed in the metaverse   

Brands that want to market within the Metaverse must incorporate the vision of the Metaverse. This could be done by creating digital avatars of their brands and deliver immersive marketing experiences around it to prospective customers. Which is why, businesses must collaborate with expert creators who can leverage the power of AR, AI and mixed reality to gain an advantage in this ever-changing competitive environment.  

Below are a few tips to boost your metaverse branding strategies:   

Recreating shopping experiences in the virtual world   

How do brands connect with the customers? Today, brands interact with consumers online on multiple platforms. In Metaverse, you can supplement your business by creating a virtual shop for consumers to explore. The advanced features of virtual reality have a profound impact on shoppers – it helps them explore virtual stores, try on clothes online using a 3D fitting room, and even obtain a 360-degree perspective of the outfits to get a better understanding of their colors, scale and size. Today, brands are seeking the expertise of immersive experience creators to create 3D showrooms using virtual photography, hangout spaces and other types of virtual venues to engage their audiences.  

Integrating augmented reality   

Augmented Reality (AR) has gained prominence in recent years and is the favorite of brand marketers and sales wizards. With it, brands can offer unique experiences simply by tapping into their mobile devices. It is an innovative tool to drive sales and enhance brand value.   

Marketing for digital avatars   

In the near future, people can recreate their real selves to make their avatars more similar to their actual selves. This feature allows garment manufacturers to tell customers to try their virtual garments online before purchasing them. Such enriching shopping experience in the Metaverse will make their life in the virtual environment more enjoyable and profitable.

Hosting next level virtual events   

Discerning brands can use the metaverse to hold virtual events like fashion shows and create immersive marketing experiences. Imagine the 3D avatars of supermodels walking down the ramp in glamorous fashion wear. By creating exciting, fun and engaging events, brands can reach a new level of success in the digital space.  

Expertise you can trust to enter the metaverse   

Tulfa is one of the pioneers in metaverse marketing. At Tulfa, we incorporate cutting edge software and technology to create brand marketing animation for the metaverse. With an unbeatable combination of professionalism, creativity, superior quality, and strategic thinking we deliver the best solutions for the virtual world.    

If your company hasn’t yet created a virtual reality purchasing experience for consumers, send us an email at    

Provide your customers with immersive marketing experiences with Tulfa.  

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