Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Shopify Dives Deeper into Augmented Reality (AR) to Unlock New Opportunities for Retailers

Shopify Dives Deeper into Augmented Reality (AR) to Unlock New Opportunities for Retailers

Augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing the world of online stores and marketplaces by increasing customer engagement. One of the largest eCommerce platforms, Shopify, has partnered with a U.K-based AR platform. This is to integrate 3D and AR models for more informed purchases through dimensionally-accurate product visualization.   

AR Product Model
What is Shopify Augmented Reality? 

Shopify augmented reality (AR) is a product customization tool that creates 3D models of your products. Customers can now interact with product models in real-time using AR-enabled 3D models. With this web-based augmented reality service, shoppers get an immersive shopping experience.

Novel technologies such as 3D and augmented reality (AR) are changing the eCommerce industry forever. Shopify AR models are also expandable. In fact, they allow customers to magnify products and evaluate them in real-time before purchasing them. People in the new remote world rely on eCommerce for needed and non-essential things. As a result of this transition; visual representations provide an engaging space to boost your buyers’ confidence.

Product Models as seen in Augmented Reality
Does AR really boost eCommerce Conversions?  

The marketing sector is increasingly focused on providing immersive customer experience on ‘faces and spaces’ with the help of AR. According to FinanacesOnline, 60% of consumers prefer shopping from platforms with AR models. Also, over 46% of retailers are looking forward to integrating AR into their online marketplace.  

3D and AR are helping retailers to integrate digital augmentation by providing try-before-you-buy features using their smartphones. According to Charged, Shopify merchants have experienced 94% more conversion rates by using 3D images to showcase their products. With the integration of augmented reality, merchants provide their customers with the same experience as a traditional brick-and-mortar store.  

Augmented reality (AR) has gone from a fantasy dream to reality with the entry of Shopify AR features. With its utmost potential, retailers are excited to use this technology to help compete with pioneering organizations like Amazon. Their capital stands at $1.4 trillion after a 50% increase in market value since the epidemic began. Shop owners will have to incorporate these features to meet customers’ demands and compete in the market with eCommerce monoliths. 

Shopify AR Stats
How Different Brands are Leveraging AR? 

Several retailers have found augmented reality shopping especially suited to selling their products. Burberry, a luxury brand, has partnered with Google to transform the appearance of search results by using 3D pictures. Moreover Gucci allows its customers to use their AR model like Shopify augmented reality. Roblox, a gaming platform, collaborated with Nike to create a digital world where users can dress their characters in Nike apparel. 

This phenomenal rise of the virtual world can alter the face of eCommerce. It presents new challenges for brands seeking to engage with customers. In this light, what the future holds is unknown. Will it close the gulf between the real and digital worlds, like Ready Player One?   

The arrival of a new virtual world impacts eCommerce. It introduces a new face to online shopping with features like Shopify AR. Thanks to AR, customers can experience an in-store-like experience while shopping from the comfort of their couch. 

Metaverse World of Nike
Why should you adopt AR for your brand? 

Embracing augmented reality would improve customer experience and increase sales; Global Market Insights estimates that the Augmented Reality Market value will exceed $50 billion by 2024.   

The AR world awaits you! Explore the best that the digital world has to offer with Tulfa. Contact us to schedule some time with one of our teammates to learn more. 

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