Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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TOP AR VR Tech Solution Providers 2022

TOP AR VR Tech Solution Providers 2022

Chicago, IL (May 11th,2022) – Tulfa has been selected as the “Top AR/VR Tech Solution Providers 2022” by MYTECHMAG. We appreciate the worldwide recognition coming our way for our contribution to digitalizing businesses using advanced techniques and technologies.    

From hundreds of companies, MYTECHMAG has recognized Tulfa as one of the “Top AR/VR Tech Solution Providers 2022.” With our innovative and fresh conceptualization, we have become an industry leader in augmented and virtual reality. AR/VR has always been a futuristic technology previously considered good but not a necessity. But the effect of the pandemic plus the global shift to online shopping have resulted in thousands of stores closing and creating a customer behavioral shift, making it a ‘must-have.’ Now more companies and brands are pushing into this space because they have begun to realize the immense value it holds. We believe that there will soon come a time when there will be little to no difference between reality and virtual reality.   

We have received prominence for our AR/VR projects, the recent work being with Kate Spade New York. For promoting the launch of its Summer collection, the premium luxury brand decided to engage Tulfa to create a powerful, immersive, and touchless augmented reality experience. The brand wanted an AR experience for consumers aimed at blending tech, fashion, and media, a move that would drive engagement and create an immersive experience for its customers.  

After aligning the ideation and conceptualization process with Kate Spade’s Summer collection, Tulfa’s professionals designed the live-action bees AR feature accessible by a scan-to-experience QR code. This feature created a delightful and engaging experience not only for Kate Spade customers but also for people walking by. It also helped create a buzz about Kate Spade’s new collection, bringing in more customers.   

Once used exclusively for entertainment and video games, AR/VR has come a long way. Today, you will find the applications of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in almost every sector, be it health care, education, retail, or even real estate. Apart from being an excellent marketing tool, AR/VR also help consumers experience products from their homes, narrowing the distance between their screen and the actual product. This technology also allows brands to connect with their customers in new ways, discarding the traditional ones. Various studies have shown that these personal and digitalized touches influence customer engagement, brand loyalty, and retainment. Brands like Google, Gucci, and Estee Lauder have taken the leap and are reaping rich dividends.  

Tulfa is working towards transforming digital shopping experiences by including new services and refining our previous ones. We strive to provide the best services in the business while maintaining our time commitments. We are thankful for all the support and recognition we have achieved and believe that we have a long way to go forward. With more and more brands beginning to understand the value of digitalization and opting for Tulfa’s assistance, we can guarantee that we are the best partner for your brand.    

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The magazine provides hundreds of informative content pieces across various industries and technologies, keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the constantly evolving world of technology. It publishes blogs, news, expert interviews, webcasts, whitepapers, and newsletters.  

About Tulfa Inc. 

Tulfa Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops eCommerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Based in Chicago, the company has helped several Fortune 500 companies provide a next-generation shopping experience to their shoppers using Augmented and Virtual Reality.  

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