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Top Game-Changing Brands Using AR in Fashion

Top Game-Changing Brands Using AR in Fashion

The integration of AR elements has accelerated at an unfathomable pace within the fashion industry. A time filled with virtual apparel trials, magic mirrors, and virtual makeup is not far from today. With EBay’s launch of the very first virtual departmental store in 2016, users could browse over 12,500 Myer products and dwell on an immersive experience for themselves.

Augmented reality in the fashion industry is not a trend, it is a game-changing strategy and top fashion brands are buckled up to put their best foot forward.

augmented reality in fashion


The fashion footwear brand Converse collaborated with Apple to launch an augmented reality application for iPhone users to virtually try on trainers. By simply pointing one’s iPhone toward their legs, the application will assess and judge the leg and place the footwear on the customer’s feet. The purpose of the application is to make the process of ordering Converse shoes not only fun and immersive but also easy. Through this application, customers can browse shoes, try them on, and buy them without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Get the Look app

Introduced by a British cosmetics brand – Rimmel, the Get the Look application allows users to capture any fascinating look around them and then imitate the same using Rimmel’s range of beauty products. The application has an excessively Gen-Z appeal as it allows anyone to just “get the look” of anybody around them.

Whether a user is on the street, at a concert, at the mall, or even at the office, if they find a look fascinating and want to try it for themselves then this augmented reality-based application helps them do it all! The modern, fun and immersive app enhance customer retention and engagement exponentially.

augmented reality in fashion

American Apparel

Consumers today want colors. And not just black and white, but colors from the rainbow, colors made from mixing other colors, and colors that are unique and rare to find. Recognizing this need of customers, a clothing retailer – American Apparel introduced an in-store augmented reality application. American Apparel’s applications allow users to browse any clothing item virtually in a variety of colors. In addition to the color-browsing feature, the application also reads out customer reviews for the users.


It is not only the Gen-Z customers who are fascinated by the integration of augmented reality in the fashion industry. Luxury brands catering to a majority of millennials have also studied and adapted to the augmented reality trend.

De Beers began a virtual jewelry trial feature. Through this feature, users can immerse themselves in the experience of actually seeing the jewelry pieces on their body with just the help of their webcam. De Beers keeps it simple with this feature as the simplicity adds to its brand story and value along with a modern twist.

augmented reality in fashion


As a leader, a trendsetter, and a giant in the cosmetic industry, Sephora had to step up its AR game in the fashion industry and not just as a player but with a strategy that made it a leader. And so it did with its – virtual artist tool application. The application lets customers try on a variety of lipstick shades, eye shadow colors, and more. With make-up being something, that people heavily rely on for in-store visits, the ease, comfort, and immersive experience brought in with Sephora’s application was a true game-changer.

In just 8 weeks from its launch, the application had 1.6 million visits and the try-on feature had been over 45 million times.

augmented reality in fashion

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We hope that this blog has given you insight into the level of engagement and intrigue that augmented reality can bring to your customers’ shopping experiences. AR in fashion has always been viewed as a ‘futuristic’ concept that would enter our lives ‘one day’. But as the pandemic struck, the attitude towards augmented reality and immersive experiences have grown to become the industry standard.

If your brand has not already integrated AR shopping experience for its customers, shoot us an email or reach out to us for more information and a free consultation.

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