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Tulfa, Inc. Announces Aude Augias As Director of Brand Partnerships and Retail Alliances

Tulfa, Inc. Announces Aude Augias As Director of Brand Partnerships and Retail Alliances

October 12, 2021 – Tulfa, the Chicago-based eCommerce solutions provider, appointed Aude Augias as Director of Brand Partnerships and Retail Alliances to lead our global expansion strategy and ensure strategic planning, revenue generation, and regulatory compliances.  

Aude, will be a part of the Tulfa Executive team and report to Loukeek Bornare, CEO of Tulfa, Inc. 

Holding a Master’s Degree from the Audencia Business School, Aude majored in Business Administration and Management and obtained 98% of credits. Aude has held essential leadership positions in the industry of Investment Banking, Corporate and Retail banking, FinTech and Payments, and Insurance. She possesses stellar communication, organizational, and leadership skills that help her deliver exceptional results.  

Upon Aude Augias’s appointment, Loukeek Bornare, CEO of Tulfa says, “Our business is rising at an exceptional and exponential pace in the eCommerce sector. I look forward to working with Aude owing to her core competencies in process improvements, risk assessment, and performance enhancement.” 

Sonali Bagrecha, COO of Tulfa, Inc. says, “Tulfa is becoming an established name in the eCommerce space, and having Aude onboard will only enhance and boost our global footprint. Her appointment robustly demonstrates Tulfa’s passionate plans of action within the eCommerce industry in the long run.” 

Aude Augias adds, “I am excited to take up this role and grateful to Loukeek and Sonali to provide me with this opportunity to contribute to Tulfa’s growth and explore new market segments such as the financial services industry.” 

About Tulfa, Inc.:  

Tulfa Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops eCommerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Based in Chicago, the company has helped several Fortune 500 clients completely reinventing the consumer shopping journey for their shoppers by marrying the highest level of product content and augmented reality (“AR”) technology with the ultimate shopping experience. 

Our values define our business, with a focus on people, courage, ownership and integrity. We pride ourselves on being true to our word and our award-winning claims service is testament to that. For more information, visit

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