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Tulfa, Inc. announces Parinaz Aga as Director Retail/ Brand Alliances (MENA and ASIA)

Tulfa, Inc. announces Parinaz Aga as Director Retail/ Brand Alliances (MENA and ASIA)

Chicago, IL (November 29th,2021) –  Tulfa, a Chicago-based e-commerce solutions provider, appointed Parinaz Aga as Director of Retail/Brand Alliances to lead its expansion in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, to provide high quality, innovative and diversified solutions to clients worldwide.   

Parinaz will also become a member of the Tulfa Executive Team and report to Loukeek Bornare, the CEO of Tulfa, Inc.  

Holding a Master’s Degree from SNDT University in Mumbai, where she majored in developmental counseling and career guidance, Parinaz has held several management positions across the industry. She possesses exceptional leadership and managerial skills, while her perseverance and vision keep her going on and beyond. Her addition to Tulfa’s global team will prove highly beneficial. 

Commenting on Parinaz Aga’s appointment, Sonali Bagrecha, the COO of Tulfa, Inc., said, “We have been expanding globally, providing exceptional services to businesses worldwide. Parinaz’s appointment and the expansion of our global team bring us great pleasure. Tulfa values its people for the real assets to the company, with fair compensations and a rewarding environment. We have envisioned Tulfa to be one of the largest e-commerce companies and with people like Parinaz, we can make it a reality.” 

Cindy Benavides, the Creative Director of Tulfa, Inc., said, “With the new upcoming digitalization opportunities worldwide, we are delighted to expand in the MENA and ASIA region, with Parinaz leading the front. I’m certain that her addition to Tulfa’s Executive Team will prove fruitful and she will bring in a fresh perspective, helping us achieve our goals.”  

About Tulfa, Inc.:   

Tulfa, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops e-commerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. We help our clients reinvent the consumer shopping journey for their shoppers with the help of advanced technologies like AR/VR, 360-degree product photography and 3D models. 

We pride ourselves on being true to our word and our award-winning claims service is a testament to that. For more information, visit  

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