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Tulfa Named as One of the Chicago’s Top Retail Technology Companies in 2021

Tulfa Named as One of the Chicago’s Top Retail Technology Companies in 2021

Chicago-28th October 2021: Tulfa Inc. was honored with a mention as the ‘Top Retail Technology Startup and Companies’, in Illinois and Chicago. To be specific, Tulfa backed a place in the top 34 technology companies. Startups and companies taking a variety of approaches to innovate the retail technology industry are a part of the top 34. Tulfa’s selection was based on 4 parameters: innovation, growth, management, and social impact.   

We are honored to be recognized for our growth and our team’s determined efforts. Tulfa, Inc. had a humble starting 4 years ago, and the progress that the company has witnessed is tremendous, along with the appreciation we repeatedly received from the industry. Tulfa was ranked as the fastest-growing company in Chicago in 2020. In 2021, Dotcom magazine awarded Tulfa as America’s Most Impactful Company of the year, followed by getting recognized by Gartner as one of a select group of emerging and midsized tech companies of America in 2021. Tulfa’s growth graph has been moving upwards terrifically and we believe that we have a long way to go.   

Amid 2020, when the pandemic hit, was one of the toughest times our company faced with all our operations shifting online. Communication was tougher to maintain, as Tulfa’s work approach requires the team to be on the same page for a seamless experience followed by high-end quality and efficiency. While the pandemic shook the foundation of several companies, Tulfa focused on its people first, ensuring that the family was stronger than ever, by opening new offices in Latin America, Europe, and Canada.   

With the support and guidance of the top management, communication channels were set and Tulfa ensured that all of its employees were equipped to help Tulfa take over the e-commerce world from their homes. Despite the challenges faced, Tulfa emerged victorious with efficient workflow along with the enhanced quality of work, international clients, and a determined team of people who are our true assets.   

 “We are proud of Tulfa’s team for working effortlessly towards the growth of the company. Tulfa has come a long way in a short period and is working towards providing the best, affordable e-commerce services in the industry. We are here to deliver value in the growing e-commerce industry,” said Loukeek Bornare, Chief Executive Officer, Tulfa, Inc.   

“Tulfa prioritizes quality and client service overall, leading to our tremendous growth in the industry. Our company’s repeated recognition in innovation for retail is a reflection of our ongoing development, expanded deployment of content for millions of products, and continued adoption by the world’s largest retailers,” said Sonali Bagrecha, Chief Operating Officer, Tulfa, Inc.   

About Tulfa Inc: Tulfa Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops eCommerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Based in Chicago, the company has helped several Fortune 500 companies provide a next-generation shopping experience offering services like enhanced product content, product photography, augmented reality, and 3D models. Tulfa assists brands and retailers to create a greater online presence while equipping them with the tools they need for higher conversions, sales, and customer loyalty.   

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