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Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Tulfa’s CEO, Loukeek Bornare, Featured as One of the Top 20 Admired CEOs of 2021

Tulfa’s CEO, Loukeek Bornare, Featured as One of the Top 20 Admired CEOs of 2021

Chicago, IL – November 20th 2021 – Owing to the innovative approach adopted by Loukeek Bornare, the CEO of Tulfa Inc., has been featured in the “Top 20 Admired CEOs of 2021″ edition of CEO Publication, after recently being recognized as One of the Most Dynamic Business Leaders of 2021. 

Loukeek’s decisive leadership and visionary attributes have helped Tulfa sail through an ocean of challenging times and emerge victorious. While the major technology companies were forced into ‘survival mode’ with the onset of the pandemic, Tulfa was firmly in the ‘thrive mode’ under our CEO’s guidance and direction. Not only did Tulfa continue to serve its clients excellently, but also expanded in regions like EU and Canada while launching our extended reality platform under the guidance of our COO, Sonali Bagrecha. During the pandemic, we realized that our clients needed an interactive and innovative technology to thrive, which led us to introduce augmented reality, 3D models, and CGI services at up to 30% lower prices than the industry standards.  While the lists of achievements under Loukeek’s leadership are interminable, our company’s three-year growth of 617.18% from 2019 and expansion into 20+ industries across North America and Europe, speak for themselves.  

Being the CEO of Tulfa Inc., Loukeek Bornare provides clear direction, holding the business on that steady course, keeping teams engaged and focused on what is needed and achieving the perspective goals. Loukeek is a steadfast leader who has provided consistent and clear direction, while empowering his “Leadership Team” to create and deliver the business plan. His commitment to creating a safe workplace for his people and providing value to his clients makes him an exceptional leader. 

About CEO Publication: With over 100k readers, the CEO Publication describes itself as “the mouthpiece of key decision-makers who want to bring forth their ideas or advise their peers on carefully navigating these tough times. The CEO Magazine provides a path-breaking and comprehensive state-of-the-art platform that can not only act as the much required guide in the industry, but can also culminate into a partner who will be a pioneer in their leadership.” The 2021 edition is aimed to recognize the efforts of CEOs in steering their company out of the current crisis. 

About Tulfa Inc.   

Tulfa Inc., is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops e-commerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. We are known for our diverse and inclusive workplace, encouraging all to grow and succeed in their professional and personal lives. We value our people and their dedicated efforts that keep us going forward. Tulfa is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs and is here to assist you in your digital journey. 

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