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Tulfa’s Chief Executive Officer, Loukeek Bornare Honored as 10 Best CEOs of 2022 

Tulfa’s Chief Executive Officer, Loukeek Bornare Honored as 10 Best CEOs of 2022 

Chicago, IL – May 13th 2022  

Tulfa Inc., an American multinational corporation specializing in e-commerce services and solutions, announced that its President and CEO, Loukeek Bornare, has been honored as one of the Top 20 Dynamic Business Leaders of 2022. The award is presented by the business publication, Industry Era magazine. It recognizes the bold, decisive, and visionary leadership style of leaders who challenge the status quo. Powered by this skill, they have steered the direction of their company during unpredictable times. This is Bornare’s latest distinction. Last year too, he received recognition as one of the most influential leaders in the AR industry.

As the pandemic ravaged the retail business, market dynamics shifted in unforeseen ways. Tulfa was leading its clients from the front and giving them a significant advantage over their competitors under Bornare’s leadership. 

Loukeek Bornare, the President and CEO, said, “Tulfa’s expertise in 3D product photography offers an immersive experience for eCommerce buyers. This low-cost alternative has also eliminated the requirement for real items to be on-site. The utilization of 3D models creates immersive eCommerce experiences. This results in faster conversions, increased customer engagement, and increased consumer attraction.”

Bornane has always demonstrated a clear vision of the group’s goals and a marked passion for work. He has an ability to make the team feel recharged and energized to achieve Tulfa’s business goals. 

Bornane’s primary differentiating factor from his contemporaries is his transformative leadership quotient. Tulfa is now accelerating the emergence of the multibillion-dollar Metaverse by using cutting-edge AI. It will be employed to build digital assets. They include product replicas, avatars, and virtual environments that are ready for interactive 3D use. Tulfa’s creative team excels at creating immersive, interactive, and photo-realistic 3D elements and digital environments that enable multiple user interactions. 

Bornane says, “We predict that consumers will first meet the enterprise Metaverse in the retail stage. Augmented realities will achieve all the business goals in this arena.”

Bornane excels in managing change as a corporate transformation leader. This is evident in Tulfa’s work processes, which paves the way for businesses to pursue ambitious goals. By improving how brands connect with their customers in the actual world, Tulfa is making a huge difference.

Tulfa’s foray into the Metaverse is one of the most significant breakthroughs in the corporate world. Bornane is confident that Tulfa will play a larger role in the Metaverse to deliver high growth to clients. This complex ecosystem continues to undergo numerous innovations and is integrating more and more digital elements. They include social networking, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrency.

Tulfa has maintained its strong performance even in the face of a disruption such as the pandemic. By engaging with discerning clients and boosting their business, Tulfa is spearheading ahead.  The company’s innovative tech-powered, creative-infused offerings allowed clients to reach their customers. That too at up to 30% lower pricing than what the Big 4 corporations could afford. Tulfa believes that keeping up with innovative and technical developments needn’t cost the moon. 

Bornane commented, “Profitability, or ROI, is finally driving ecommerce executives to adopt 3D models. 3D models will be crucial in 2022 and beyond as more businesses adopt this technology. Because of the high ROI, 3D technology is quickly gaining swift market acceptance.” 

Tulfa has garnered a tremendous degree of support and acclaim since its founding. It has been named as ‘One of the Chicago’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2020. It has also won ‘America’s Most Impactful Company of The Year’ 2021 award. Gartner recognized Tufa as ‘America’s Emerging Mid-sized Technology Companies’ in 2021. It has been recognized as ‘Chicago’s Top Retail Technology Companies’ in 2021 and featured as ’10 Most Promising AR/VR Solutions Providers in 2022’.

Bornane believes that simply being a transformational leader isn’t enough. His strength is in connecting with employees and inspiring them to follow his vision. Tulfa proactively delivers superior quality works. It sees itself as a collaborative workplace with greater levels of trust among employees who generate excellent performance year after year. 

Representing a diverse, inclusive workplace, Tulfa acknowledges and respects everyone’s ideas and talents.

Tulfa’s strategic growth into the markets of the EU and Canada has made its expertise available to discerning clientele. The new offices in Toronto, Canada, and EU headquarters in London, United Kingdom are under  Monica Sheikhy’s command. They are answering the rising demand for innovative shopping solutions and better alternatives to local players. 

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, most IT firms experienced reductions of more than 20%. Tulfa continued to offer seamless experiences for its clients to prosper. Tulfa’s 617.18 % three-year growth from 2019 can be attributable to their development into 20+ sectors across North America and Europe. 

Bornare said, “The recognition as ‘Top 20 Most Dynamic Business Leaders of 2021’ is an honor. I believe that this new digital era is distinct in its breadth and vibrancy of influence on human interaction. It is ubiquitous and non-linear; its effects are frequently unpredictable. Machines can now learn on their own; self-driving cars can connect with smart transportation infrastructure, and smart gadgets and algorithms can adapt to and forecast human needs and desires. I don’t see these as challenges but as opportunities that will herald a new era of business opportunities for Tulfa.”

Sonali Bagrecha, the Managing Director and COO, said, “Loukeek’s relentless commitment and dedicated efforts to transform e-commerce is creating an impact. His charisma and original thinking make him an influential leader, despite being a very young CEO. Loukeek’s ability to inspire people to achieve their goals is the hallmark of his leadership. His innate ability to influence transformation has spearheaded the organization’s development of creative-infused solutions for the Metaverse. He has tremendous expertise in leading a team that delivers actionable results. This is through the combination of business skills, statistical knowledge, and deep understanding of the market dynamics.”

About Tulfa Inc.   

Tulfa Inc., is a multinational corporation based in the United States that creates and develops e-commerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. It’s recognized for its diverse and inclusive environment that enables everyone to grow and flourish, professionally and personally. We cherish our employees and their diligent efforts, which keep us moving ahead. Tulfa is a one-stop shop for all of your e-commerce requirements, and is here to make your digital journey a trailblazing success. 

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