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Tulfa’s Chief Executive Officer, Loukeek Bornare Selected as One of the Top 20 Most Dynamic Business Leaders of 2021

Tulfa’s Chief Executive Officer, Loukeek Bornare Selected as One of the Top 20 Most Dynamic Business Leaders of 2021

Chicago, IL – November 19th 2021 – Tulfa Inc., an American multinational company that specializes in e-commerce related services and solutions announced that its CEO, Loukeek Bornare has been selected as one of the Top 20 Dynamic Business Leaders of 2021. Central to this recognition is Loukeek’s decisive leadership coupled with the forward-looking vision that directly enabled the increased growth Tulfa has seen throughout 2020. 

Since the company’s beginnings, Loukeek has led Tulfa through several changing market dynamics and has pivoted effectively when the need arises. At the onset of the pandemic, Tulfa’s leadership knew a creative solution was needed to help clients meet their needs while leveraging budgets to achieve key outcomes. The company’s new CGI services gave clients the opportunity to reach their shoppers at up to 30% lower costs than the Big 4 firms could offer, propelled by the concept that the ‘right’ solution is not always the most expensive. 

Tulfa has received immense support and recognition since its inception. It has been named as ‘One of the Chicago’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2020, won ‘America’s Most Impactful Company of The Year’ 2021 award, been recognized as ‘America’s Emerging Mid-sized Technology Companies’ in 2021 by Gartner, been recognized as ‘Chicago’s Top Retail Technology Companies’ in 2021 and featured as ’10 Most Promising AR/VR Solutions Providers 2022’.   

Some key achievements in 2020 include Tulfa’s ability under Loukeek’s leadership to: 

  1. Pivoting to CGI and Augmented Reality Solutions: In face of COVID-19 pandemic, while most photography studios like Snap36 got sold out to larger competitors, Tulfa pivoted to CGI and started building AR ready 3D models for its client’s under the leadership of it COO, Sonali Bagrecha – thus enabling shoppers to visualize the products from the comfort of their homes before they purchase the product.  
  1. Launch of Tulfa’s extended reality platform: In midst of the pandemic, Tulfa launched its own proprierty XR platform using which brands can seamlessly deploy 3D assets across multiple channels like Amazon, Walmart, Snapchat, Instagram.  
  1. Re-launch of Tulfa’s product photography studio: Allowing the company to execute product image capture using AI and Robotic based advanced photography equipment’s under Vallen Gillet, Director of Product Photography. 
  1. Embraced a seamless shift to remote work for Tulfa’s global workforce of 200+ employees: Supported our people by investmenting in collaboration tools and enhanced communication methods to replicate ‘in-office’ culture in a virtual format. 
  1. Expanded strategically in EU and Canada market with new office in Toronto, Canada and EU Headquarters in London, UK: This move came in response to years of working with Canada and Europe based clients and rising demand for an innovative shopping solution, custom alternative to local players under the command of Monica Sheikhy. 
  1. Remained committed to a culture of diversity and inclusivity at all levels of operations: With the belief that a workforce comprised of differing perspectives is a powerful source of innovative concepts and approaches. No business was dropped, no employees were let go, and compliance requirements were strictly upheld in client engagements. 

While the majority of technology companies reported declines in excess of 20% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tulfa continued to create seamless experiences for our clients to thrive. Tulfa’s three-year growth of 617.18% from 2019 can be attributed to its expansion into 20+ industries across North America and Europe. 

Loukeek Bornare, the President and CEO of Tulfa Inc., said, “It is a great honor to be presented and featured under ‘Top 20 Most Dynamic Business Leaders of 2021’. The past year required new levels of dynamism and resilience to keep people working and position clients for success. We remained true to our mission to achieve these, while continuing to push the boundaries and not being held back by what has been done before. Our commitment to our people and clients have been a priority while providing the best workplace for them to grow, learn and accelerate in their lives while continuing to take Tulfa forward on a path to success.  

Sonali Bagrecha, the Managing Director and COO of Tulfa Inc., said, “Loukeek’s relentless commitment and dedicated efforts to transform e-commerce while creating a positive impact has been inspirational. We started this journey together, and his vision for Tulfa has been commendable. We have in our day-to-day lives seen Tulfa achieve great heights under his guidance and direction, supported by his ambition and persistence. He believes that our people are the heart of Tulfa and has been putting in additional efforts into creating a safe and innovative workplace for all since the beginning. This feature has recognized Loukeek for what he is: a great leader who believes in leading by an example.” 

About Tulfa Inc.  

Tulfa Inc., is an American multinational corporation that designs and develops e-commerce solutions for brands, retailers, and manufacturers. We are known for our diverse and inclusive workplace, which encourages all to grow and succeed in their professional and personal lives. We value our people and their dedicated efforts, that keeps us going forward. Tulfa is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs and is here to assist you in your digital journey. 

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