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Twelve Category features to boost conversion on e-commerce websites

Twelve Category features to boost conversion on e-commerce websites

Category features may appear to be very simple, but if you apply a little more creativity, they can be the superstar of your entire e-commerce site. With new, effective business strategies continuing to pop up each day, there is an increasing need to find simple tricks that convince the customer to “proceed to purchase” without wasting any further time.  

Here are some unconventional tips to help you design category features to boost conversion. Without beating around the bush, let’s begin!  

Tips for designing category features: 

  1. Create a relevant keyword header 
  2. Divide products into categories 
  3. Give color options 
  4. Display price range 
  5. Offer deals and discounts 
  6. Add a notification feature 
  7. Add customer reviews 
  8. Add different payment methods 
  9. Add FAQs 

Don’t underestimate headers 

When you optimize your category features to boost conversion, never miss out on headers. They may seem very laborious to read or curate, but they can help you improve your category page. Add relevant details and keywords to the header and make sure it contains a general definition of all the products included in that category page.  

This practice is important because, most of the time, people tend to read a small definition rather than browse through an entire category. So, you need to keep them simple, straight, descriptive, and keyword-rich to create category features to boost conversion.  

Featuring sub-categories 

As a customer, you love to see sub-categories because they instantly help you in filtering out products. Adding a drop-down menu of smaller headings in category features further helps customers find what they are looking for.  

In the above image, the sub-categories of the product are clearly divided.

This works particularly well because the customer does not have to manually select the filters. Everything is readily available in the sub-category and one can reach the desired page within two clicks without having to spend unnecessary time browsing through products.  

Option to shop by colour 

Color options appeal to most customers, who often look for a specific shade when browsing a product. On many sites, when a customer selects a color filter, they find several shades of the same colour. You are more likely to raise conversions in clothing, accessories, and stationery items if you add these category features.  

Providing a palette of colors to filter products can make a huge impact on customer experience.

Price range 

This category feature is widely used because it gives a customer the freedom to browse through only those items that fall under a set price range.  

Adding a price range that can be manually set eases a customer’s browsing experience.

This feature allows customers to limit their exposure to products with higher price tags, so they can choose the best and affordable option for themselves. 

Sorting of deals and offers 

In the above template, the deals, offers, gifts, most liked products, and products with good ratings have a separate banner, making the website more attractive.

Creating a banner that redirects customers to discounted products raises the number of clicks. This is not only noticeable during a holiday sale or festive season but also during normal days. When you display volume-based offers, such as “buy one, get one free,” try to list them together in a separate category. This is one category feature that boosts conversion and attracts customers.   

Notification about special information 

Some products have specific offers like free shipping, combo offers, and cashback. In such cases, you can notify the customer as soon as they land on that product’s specific category page. This category feature is especially effective during a festive season and an ongoing holiday sale. Customers tend to save as much money as possible as they look for such offers. If you are installing category features to boost conversion, you need to inform customers about offers to attract them.   

Enhance the products by offering: 

  1. Combo offers 
  2. Cashbacks 
  3. Free shipping 
  4. Discounts  

Let customer review be your voice 

One of the best categories features that boost conversion is a dedicated section that features customer reviews. No matter how much you describe your products, the customer ultimately reads reviews before deciding. So, why not use reviews as a strength and feature them at the top of the product page or home page? 

This is one of the smartest ways to use category features to boost conversion. Similarly, another amazing way to reflect product quality is to add short testimonials on the category page with keyword-rich, optimized content. 

Multiple Payment Options 

This might sound a bit hectic to maintain on a technical side, but it is one of the most eye-catching category features to boost conversion. More than five percent of customers choose to buy products from a particular e-commerce site because they have more convenient payment methods. Install a plug-in that provides a mini cart that lets customers instantly check out without having to navigate to other pages.   

Give Multiple payment options because 

  • It is convenient for the customer 
  • It makes payment faster 

Again, it requires effort from website developers, application managers, and technical support assistants, but adding category features boosts conversion. 

Adding a Sticky Cart 

This is thinking outside the box but imagine having a sticky cart icon beside your screen that constantly shows your cart total, lets you review the items in your cart, and helps you delete certain stuff or save them for later, all without leaving a page.  

Customers look for convenience! Most websites drop old features every time something unique pops up. Innovative category features are more likely to result in a purchase because the smooth functionality of the website or application builds customer trust.   

 Benefits of a Sticky Cart Icon  

  1. Constant review of the items in the cart 
  2. Adding and deleting items when needed 

Always be a supportive service provider 

Whether you clarify your customers’ queries or smooth their check-out process, as a service provider, it is your responsibility to make the customer feel comfortable. When you give them instructions beforehand, customers are more likely to trust shopping with you.   

By providing a user guide, you reduce doubts and questions that shoppers ask before making a purchase

They appreciate that your services are limited to boosting conversion, making a profit, and providing a quality user experience. This category feature may work wonders because every customer loves to shop where they feel most comfortable.   

Inform your customers by 

  1. Providing a user guide 
  2. Answering their questions 
  3. Popular searches 

When it comes to big investments, like buying home appliances, gadgets, bulk orders, or anything with a higher price, customers like to seek suggestions. Why not provide them insights about popular searches in a specific category? This not only helps the customer but also fetches good feedback for the website.   

Insight about popular searches 

  1. Gives the customer maximum information 
  2. Provides good feedback for the website 

Negotiation about the price 

In very rare cases, e-commerce websites seek an opinion from a customer about pricing a product. Before a customer leaves a product page, a bot asks them to set a price that they would like to pay. This sparks the creative side of the customer. It not only lets them choose the value of the product, but, in some cases, they start feeling that the price quoted here is genuine. Not even kidding; these category features to boost conversion have actually worked!   

Also, when too many customers quote a price in a particular range, it will give you an insight into the kind of limited offers you can generate for those customers. Just imagine you negotiating with e-commerce, and they agree to your price one day. Wouldn’t you run to grab the offer? You know everybody’s answer! So, try these category features to boost conversion, and you will see the results.   

Taking customer’s opinion 

  1. About the price of the product 
  2. Ask them to set a price 

After pondering upon all these amazing category features to boost the conversion, it is prominent that how creatively we should plan everything and present it to the customers. It is indeed the need of the hour to explore the possibilities beyond the set boundary and bring forth some unique ideas to boost the conversion rate without exploiting the rights of the consumer. 

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