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Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Use 360 Degree Product Photography to Enhance Your Listings

Use 360 Degree Product Photography to Enhance Your Listings

A top priority for any business, customer engagement shows how receptive viewers are to content and products that a brand sells. Previously, creating marketing imagery demanded a time-consuming photoshoot, sending models in each color and configuration to a photography workshop, and acquiring large amounts of décor that were useless later.  

With the arrival of three dimensional product visualization, brands and marketers can produce advanced imagery without much effort. In honor of World Photography Day, let’s look at some of the marketing opportunities provided by 360 degree product photography, and why its modern advancements are so important.  

One Model, Multiple Views

When shopping online, customers are not able to examine or touch the product to understand its features. Images only give a one-directional view of the product. For demonstrating its best features, a brand must take several photographs of a product.  

Still, even if a company provides several images for a catalog or listing, shoppers won’t be able to view every side of a product. The purpose of visual content on a retail website is to clearly communicate product features, and as time goes on, traditional photography is becoming an increasingly outdated way to communicate.  

360-degree product photography effectively eliminates this issue by showing a product from all angles. Websites now offer interactive models that allow customers to rotate, drag, change, resize, and even see products in motion, all using their mouse or touchscreen. This functionality gives customers everything they need to make a purchasing decision. 

A Wealth of Marketing Content

With traditional photography, brands get product photos that are limited to certain angles. To create one 360-degree view, a 3D artist must capture approximately 36 images of a product on the white background, at every angle. This allows sellers to get a collection of unused photographs along with product spins.   

These high-resolution pictures can be included in various marketing content like product catalogs, product pages, social media, and online and offline promos. Sellers can also use these images for social media as GIFs, Facebook and Instagram posts and stories, and more. 

360-degree photography gives product marketers and retailers a powerful way to gain profit from online sales. It is an affordable and quick method to present your products on an ecommerce platform. This advanced technology takes the online shopping experience to the next level by allowing shoppers to inspect a product in an interactive way at their own pace. This cutting-edge visual content is an excellent solution for extending clientele and outpacing competitors.

Invest in Help

Creating content is easier said than done, and sometimes, you just can’t do it alone. Investing in help is always a smart option for companies that lack the knowledge or expertise to create content that drives sales. Content agencies, like Tulfa, are a great asset to businesses that want to accelerate their growth. 

We’re here to help. Shoot us an email or reach out to us on social media. As one of ecommerce’s leading content agencies, we make sure customers notice your products. Check out our services for more information and a free sample of our work.

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