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Virtual Product Photography

Virtual 3D photography is a revolutionary way to create ultra-realistic product imagery in a fraction of the time and eliminates many issues that come with traditional still photography. No more expenses related to studio scouting, transportation, lighting, staging and post-production.

3D Product rendering that boosts
your marketing efforts

Create stunning graphic representations of your products. Increase their visual appeal. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Our 3D product rendering services help marketers and businesses see their products creatively. This increases the brand value of the products. The product benefits are also easily emphasized. All of this without the hassles associated with traditional product photography.

Go beyond standard product photography

3D Product Models

With 3D modelling we generate a variety of pictures, 360-degree product spins, 3D animations, AR and VR experiences.

A single 3D model is used for eCommerce websites, internet marketing, and print ads. We only need three product photos and its dimensions to create a 3D model.

Augmented Reality Product Configurator

With the advent of Augmented Reality, the product configurator has gained a lot of attention. It is being used by companies to showcase their products to their customers remotely.

Customize products, define the order in which customers view them, demonstrate products to your users and help make their purchase. The possibilities of Augmented Reality Product Configurator are endless!

Product Images in Closeup

Close-ups of 3D product models showcase the intricate features and luxurious materials. In e-commerce, providing customers the ability to virtually get the feel of fabrics, metals or the woodgrains of furniture is an awesome opportunity.

Allow buyers to see the superior product quality that you deliver.

Spin 360 Products

On your website, replace your 2D images with 3D. Enable shoppers to examine your products from all angles. Make the experience very similar to shopping at a store.

Additionally, this is a fantastic opportunity to test any product prototype before investing in its production.

Images of Lifestyle Products

Visualize your products in various settings to inspire your shoppers. Different visuals appeal to different target audiences, resulting in brisk sales.

Tulfa's 3D Artists are capable of handling projects of any scale. And, thanks to our library of high-quality ready-to-use 3D scenarios, you'll get high-quality lifestyle images fast and economically.

Boost consumer engagement with virtual product photography

Attract more and more customers with amazing product imagery displaying features, color options and textures.

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Why use Tulfa’s Virtual Photographer?

Our 3D Virtual Photograph solution enables brands to present high-quality product imagery quickly. Book a consultation now and see your eCommerce sales soar.

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