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Innovative augmented reality solutions for
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Virtual Shopping Boutiques: Augmented Reality Is Changing the Fashion Landscape

Virtual Shopping Boutiques: Augmented Reality Is Changing the Fashion Landscape

Augmented reality in the fashion industry has virtual try-it-on technologies, virtual fitting rooms, virtual makeover artists, and even virtual apparel. But if you have started to think that these are the future of AR, then you might be wrong; welcome to the world of virtual shopping boutiques! 

Established in London, Machine-A, a concept-based store with integrated augmented reality make fashion feel more immersive and natural. Physical shopping and fashion shows were one of the worst-hit sectors during the lockdown. This is when Machine-A came up with the idea of hosting virtual shopping boutiques. They tasted immense success in attracting more customers and bringing in more sales. 

Buying made incredibly easy

How does an AR shopping boutique work? 

Through AR shopping boutiques, viewers can experience a digital rendering of the immense world of fashion. Stavros Karelis further added that for them it is important to be always discovering virtual shopping. This is to engage with their customers and community.  

Machine-A’s consumers can quickly transport from their homes into the boutique and from the AR boutique directly onto the eCommerce site, all by simply scanning a QR code. 

A QR code scan embedded in fly-posters and billboards allows a digital rendering of the sales floor. Shoppers can explore and view the Autumn/Winter 2021 collections and unfinished pieces from the designers. The experience brings out the best possible blend of digital content with AR. 

Contemporary fashion wear from Machine-A

Top reasons why AR shopping boutiques are loved in the fashion industry 

Augmented reality shopping experiences is becoming more frequent in the fashion industry. They are now beginning to be seen as an essential feature to keep customers engaged and loyal. Be it brand loyalty, customer retention, emotive inclusion, or any other indispensable growth strategy, virtual shopping stands at the center of them all.  

Luxury brands from Estee Lauder to Gucci have already stomped their way into AR-based trial rooms, while Pangaia and Balenciaga are busy experimenting with virtual worlds. People love AR shopping boutiques in the fashion industry as they come with the power of storytelling. Advanced product visualization, live events and product launches, and in-depth storytelling are many ways AR is set to transform the retail sector in the coming years and help retailers thrive.

It has become imperative in today’s world for designers to find a platform that can connect their work with an interested target audience. And what can be a better solution than AR integration into the fashion industry in the form of virtual shopping boutiques!  

Stavros Karelis also believes that these AR shopping boutiques can effectively filter out consumer preferences and add the unique element of ‘customization’ to the digital platform. 

Enjoy an immersive shopping experience
Make Your Virtual Shopping Boutique today 

Some of the well-known brands in the world are engaging in AR-based events, product visualizations, and in-depth storytelling, not only to thrive but to dominate AR-based shopping. As Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, Julie Ask, says, “Ten years ago, it was a bit gimmicky. Today, the quality of the digital representation of products is excellent. AR is driving more browsing among consumers, higher conversion rates, and fewer returns”. 

It is time for your business to join in and get ahead of the competition.  Explore the best that the digital world has to offer with Tulfa. Contact us today. 

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