Innovative augmented reality solutions for eCommerce businesses

Innovative augmented reality solutions for
eCommerce businesses

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Why Tulfa, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Google are providing immersive experiences to consumers

Why Tulfa, Apple, Meta, Amazon and Google are providing immersive experiences to consumers

Big Tech companies like Tulfa are boosting product discovery and personalization by offering immersive eCommerce services. This enables brands to present buyers with a more personalized digital experience.

By providing seamless, personalized experiences, Big Tech companies are revolutionizing the way people shop. This allows customers to discover exactly what they want, when they want it. eCommerce also enables businesses to tailor the purchase experience to reach a wider number of customers than ever before.

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Outstanding visuals equal more sales

In recent years, e-commerce has increased manifold, and customers now expect more informative content to help them make better purchasing decisions. What’s more, visual commerce provides customers with a near-life immersive experience by using 360° videos and 3D images.

3D models have proved to be the perfect solution to meet the demands for vast amounts of product content. When comparing dynamic 3D models versus typical, flat 2D photos from competitors, it’s clear that the former is at great advantage. In fact, Shopify shows an increase in conversion rates by up to 250% on product pages with 3D models.

At Tulfa, we believe that customers have a right to accurate and trustworthy information about the products they purchase. We also believe that marketers should be transparent enough to provide this information. Tulfa fills the consumers’ need gap and helps create a more transparent and informed marketplace.

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How Tulfa leverages 3D and AR models in your eCommerce store

Modern retailers are seeking methods to make their websites more dynamic and engaging as eCommerce grows. They’re achieving this in part by using 3D technology, which allows consumers to visualize products from all angles and get a genuine idea of how they’d appear in real life. This is especially useful for retailers of garments, furniture, hardware, mobile phones, accessories, and more. After all, consumers find it tough to visualize them in 2D photos.

Also, consumers form deep emotional attachments with products because of 3D photography and augmented reality shopping experiences. This involvement increases their likelihood of completing a purchase.

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Our 3D and AR assets present a host of benefits:

Product Configurator: It allows buyers to customize colors, textures, and product characteristics in real time. Customers can now be more creative and engaged while crafting a product that is unique to them.

Keyword Product Animation: Our 360-degree keyword spins capture the audience’s attention with a mix of dynamic product graphics and feature callouts. For images to rank higher in search engines, we include relevant keywords in the keywords field. Consistent, descriptive, and accurate keywords field boosts SEO results. We choose keywords wisely and use them thoughtfully to improve the chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

Animations: Animating 3D and AR assets makes them more realistic. You can effectively demonstrate their various functions, something a mere description cannot do. This provides your potential customers with a greater grasp of how a product functions, increasing their likelihood of purchasing it.

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Custom CTA’s: We can maintain high engagement levels by fostering a smooth shopping experience with relevant buttons such as “Add To Cart,” “Checkout,” “Buy Now,” and “View Other Products.” This simplifies the purchasing process for customers and contributes to our objective of offering an outstanding shopping experience.

Virtual Staging and Photography: Virtual staging and photography is a quick, easy, and affordable way to create beautiful product portfolios. With just one 3D model, we create a variety of aesthetically pleasing scenes. Customers can also easily customize scenes, size, and perspective to create the perfect photo every time. No more worrying about expensive traditional photographic equipment, lighting, props, or a crew.

360° and Exploded View: With our 360° and expanded view features, you can show your consumers the hidden complexity of your items. Customers may view a product’s interior structures and tiniest details in 3D and AR with this revolutionary function.

Product Page 3D Carousels: Product information 3D carousels are an excellent method to keep clients interested in your merchandise! Including a 3D model in your existing image carousel provides an interactive layer and improves the user experience for visitors to the product pages.

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A strong competitive edge in marketing is crucial

While luxury businesses have several possibilities for generating new client experiences, they have yet to strike the optimal blend of hyper-relevance and emotion.

Tulfa believes that, as marketing becomes more competitive, businesses who invest in immersive experiences like 3D and augmented reality will have a significant advantage.

Almost two-thirds of the world’s largest consumer businesses are now investing in augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D content, and 360-degree video. According to a new study, immersive experiences can increase customer trust in online transactions by 4% worldwide. Also, by improving their SEO, businesses can distinguish themselves from their competitors. This is an important trend that businesses must be aware of in order to remain competitive.

Today’s consumers are ready for a revitalized online shopping experience. Consumers would pay more for a product if they could personalize utilizing immersive technology. This means businesses must boost their game and provide customers with what they want: a personalized, engaging purchasing experience. Otherwise, companies risk falling behind their competition.

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The new frontier of eCommerce marketing

Tulfa, the new frontier of eCommerce marketing, is making it simpler for businesses and their customers to collaborate. We ensure quick discovery, interactive experiences, live visits, and more to empower our clients to deliver efficient services. Our clients also don’t struggle with hundreds of product listings, uploading images and coordinating with several complicated tools.

With Tulfa on your side, you can start offering effective eCommerce services in a jiffy.

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