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Content Marketing Strategy: Why Quality is More Important Than Quantity

Content Marketing Strategy: Why Quality is More Important Than Quantity

In the content marketing world, it is a common misconception to prioritize quantity of the digital content over quality! Marketers often forget that the main focus is the content which often gets overshadowed in the rush to SEO-proof content along with targeted Ads and clever landing pages.

The cut-throat competition in the digital content world has given away that quantity of content and posting more is the way to succeed, but how will that ever work if your audience does not like your content?

Publishing valuable, helpful content topped with SEO keywords and other marketing tactics is the way to engage readers and ensure a higher conversion rate.

SEO Marketing At Tulfa

Here are 3 tips to write compelling content to connect with your audience:

  1. Provide value to your readers

Great content provides value directly. Creating compelling content requires you to provide valuable information to the reader, since the start. Savvy SEO tactics and other marketing tactics can help your target audience to land on your page but only your content can keep them there, engaged.

You need your audience to stick around and see you as their go-to for answers. Get started by asking yourself, “What are my audience’s biggest questions?” and then focus on providing helpful answers and resources to those questions.

Look into industry trends, talk to your audience directly through interviews, survey and review your web analytics to understand your audience’s preferences.

Compelling Content for Brands

2. Deliver what you promise

While SEO keywords and targeted Ads will increase the number of clicks, it is not going to create new advocates on your behalf. According to databox, 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC.

Use clear and direct language that is connected at each layer. Your content has to be consistent and clear across titles, subtitles, descriptions and easy to navigate through.

When it comes to online advertising, consistent content is just as important. While your approach is to entice with a catchy title or phrase, your real success will come from content that correlates directly to the content of the webpage. This also ensures that those who click on your paid ads are the people you want to attract and will convert on your site.

Content Marketing Tactics

3. Guide the way!

If your content really is valuable and serves the audience’s interests, they will want to consume more of it right away. Make the following steps easy by having the right follow-up content or calls to action ready. Give brief information, like an in-line summary to a related blog to intrigue their interest.

“Content is king” is what all marketers believe but at Tulfa, we believe that “Good content is king”.

Don’t sacrifice quality over quantity!

The content world is user-orientated. Running in the content creation race, it is often forgotten that the main piece and highlight has to be the content. Your content has to be engaging and informative first and then you can top it up with marketing tactics to increase your reach.

Content Marketing at Tulfa

At Tulfa, we focus primarily on giving the readers valuable information and resources which is subsequently followed by an ever-increasing reach. In this user-oriented field, optimizing your existing content to create more of what is already working is the trick.

We create engaging, experimentative, valuable content in line with the interests of your audience along with keeping your brand’s end goal in mind. Shoot us an email to get in touch to check out how good digital content can help your brand advance!

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